Sue & Joni, I wish I could be with you to give you a hug or just hold your hand. Joni, I know what you are going through, there is nothing like losing your Dad. There is nothing anyone can say to make the pain less or to make it go away, but time does lessen the pain. I loved your Dad, I wish I would of went to see him when I was home a couple of weeks ago, he looked so like my Dad. I know they are both in a better place and they are happy and pain free.They did suffer so in their lives and I know they are at peace and together again.
Sue, I’m so, so sorry. Time does really lessen the pain, I know it’s hard now to believe that. Uncle Kenny is in a better place, pain free and at peace. Both Uncle Kenny and Dad were taken from us way too soon, and selfishly I want them back, but I wouldn’t want to back just to see them suffer. I regret not coming by to see you when I was home a couple of weeks ago. Mom didn’t have you phone number, please send it to me or send me an email ( I love you all.
Angie Caudill
218 3rd Street
Colona, IL 61241