I don’t know where to begin.I just know this is not the end.I truely hope you know how much you mean to me.You and your entire family have made a differance in my life.So many positive doors and windows opened up to me when I stepped into your family.I love you so dearly.I loved how you were so outgoing.You are one I look at and say,”wow,she really lived.”You are the Judy of all trades.I thank you for all the good times and memorious.You have done so much for so many.My realationship with you was more than just my mother-in-law.You were the realationship I had been longing for.You made me feel really good about us when you would say you felt like I was your own,because I feel like I belong to you.You were tremendously a huge part of my support with everything in my life.I’m gonna miss you.This is not good bye.This is see you later. All of my love,April