To us bring us all comfort is knowing and believing in the almighty grace.I believe that none of us are rightous and we all fall short of God’s glory.Jesus Christ died at the cross for all of our sins knowing we are all sinners.I believe with all of my heart in Jesus’s message.The message of all loving,all kindness,all forgiving,a man of justice,and take these words and live life by hope and through faith.Live for today.look foward to tomorrow,and remeber yesterday.Ever word I have written I believe Gene believed in.I talked to him numerous times about religion.I know how he was raised and what he believed.I have to say I can only see this man with one ticket to the sky.Jesus brought the message of love.He taught us repeatily to love thy neighbor as thy self.We all know Gene loved.He loved us all.Gene always thought about everyone else.He always thought of himself last.Gene talked to me about his mistakes and how he learned from them.He was at a point in his life that all of his mistakes he had forgiven himself and he hoped that everyone else could forgive him too.He told me
this and he told me he could not live his life in the past that he needed to move foward.He wanted to live for today.As I reflect and evaluate ourselfs and Gene I know he did live his life by all these words.Gene was all about love.Therefore,I want to close with this said Gene was about what god is and that is love.