Betty Ann Vilak Miller

Keith,Kathy,Tim,Tammy and Barry, I am so sorry for the loss of your Mother Judy and your Dad Gene. I only wish that Judy and I had stayed close to each other through the years and that I could have gotten to know each of her children. I knew Keith when he was a baby and I changed his diaper and played with him. Kathy, I meet you twiced once in Michigan, you were only a baby and then I meet you at mine and Judy’s class reunion. Tim and Barry you both are very sweet and all of you are beautiful Children. You all were justing amazing and treated me like family and my regret is not getting to know all the family and staying close. Judy and I had some wonderful times growing up together and staying alnight with each other. We would also pester Freda and Bibby but we all loved each other. Edna Mae and Willie were my second Mother and Daddy and of course Judy,Freda,Bibby and I were like sisters. My heart goes out to each and every one in her family. She did a great job in raising all of her children and I am very proud of Judy for having just wonderful family. I will pray for all and I will miss Judy. Stay in touch. Sending my prayers and love for each of you. Love Betty Ann Vilak Miller