Brent Bush

Dan, Karen, Amanda, and Emily. Thank you for sharing your beloved Alex with all of us. Although we all miss him terribly and the pain seems so unbearable, take comfort in knowing that Alex was a man of great character, integrity, and ambition. He enriched our lives in a way that no one else could, and we’ve all become better citizens because of his angel-like touch. The presence of his memory will always make our hearts smile and brighten-up our darkest days. He often talked about his love for his family, how his parents were his biggest influence and inspiration, and how much he loved sitting next to his dad playing poker. Dan, he embodied your character and charisma. Karen, he carried your beauty and Grace. Amanda, he reflects your style and Poise. And Emily, he loved you with so much passion, it is unmatched or unequaled. We pray that all of his friends and family will have strength and comfort through compassionate healing. Alex “my brotha”, I miss you man. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work side-by-side with you the past few years. Beyond being your mentor in your last sales position, we became great friends. We spent a lot of days and nights together and I will forever cherish those times. Whether it was working on various bid projects, having a brainstorming session, or just goofing-off and sharing lots of laughs, we always parted-ways with that “handshake”, hug, a and smile. You matured into a steady, thoughtful and insightful visionary who left a lasting impact through all that you have touched. You “passed the test my brotha”! You’ve made us all better, and we are forever indebted to your generosity. Thank you for sprinkling so much love in our hearts. Vegas will never be the same, my golf game still stinks, and you’ll always be a better poker player, but I love you anyway brotha! Rest in peace, you deserve it.