Darlene Fujita

Dear Jim and family members of Julie:
I am a RN and was Julie’s nurse in the begining of her stay at Stein. But due to some unfortunate circumstances, I was asked to leave Stein. It was the most difficult time of my life. However, I continued to visit Julie on Thursday’s. I felt “connected” to Julie and felt as though I had developed a “bond” of sorts with her. I was on my son’s 8th grade class trip to Boston when Julie left us and entered into heaven. I called into Stein on Sunday and learned that Julie had passed away the previous night. I was told that her family was her. I am very glad that her family was there. I heard that her passing was peaceful. I will miss Julie. I know that Julie was a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother and friend to many. My prayers and thoughts are with Julie’s family. But I know that Julie is in heaven and pain free. Darlene