Dawn Lieb

I found this poem, I hope it will be of some comfort. Dawn (Power) Lieb
Don’t Cry for me When I am Gone!
by Patricia Polhans
Please don’t cry for me though I ‘m gone
For in heaven I have made my home.
I know you’ll miss me through the years
But, remember, in heaven there are no tears!
Up here in glory I’ve taken my place
Near the Father where I can view his face.
I’ll only be gone for a short little while
Until I greet you in heaven with a smile.
I’ll be waiting there with arms open wide
To open the gate and invite you inside.
We’ll sit down at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
United with Christ and all of his clan.
We’ll drink from the last communion cup
As death and hell are swallowed up.
Then we’ll drink a toast from the ‘living wine’
While seated at the table where we shall dine.
The angel, Gabriel will blow his Gold Horn
As comfort is given for those who mourned.
We’ll be surrounded by many angel wings
While seated with our Lord and our King.
He’ll read to us from the Lambs book of life
The names written in it, His church, His bride.
We’ll be with all our sisters and our brothers
While seated there at the last supper.
My grave will not even be a memory
For death was swallowed up in victory.
Here in heaven is where we’ll reign
With Christ the Savior our Lord and our King.
“…and I, in righteousness, I will see your face; when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness.”
(Psalm 17:14, 15)