I’ll see you in heaven, sister. I love you with all of my being. When I wanted to get my blood pumping a little bit, all I had to do was to call you. As I told Ruthie, you were the most absolute person I knew. You never mixed words. I always knew where I stood with you. You made me look at both sides of the penny. I am sorry but I cannot mourn you because you were so full of life. I thank God that I had you for 50 years. I will always have in my memory you wearing a sweatshirt or flannel with blue jeans. I remember them a bit too short but you didn’t care. You always walked fast with a slight limp. Your hair was always curled and colored. I have never seen love like the love you and Arlyce shared. It was amazing. You are always in my heart and like I said, I will see you in heaven. I LOVE YOU FOREVER……as you used to call me, your baby sis, Iva