Jari Amburgey

Wow where to start…I thought life as I knew it ended last night when I got the news that grandpa had passed away! He was the “man” in our family! Us girls loved him with all we had. He was the world to us!
I sat in the hospital the day before he passed away just looking at his hands. I thought how much he had labored with them to provide for grandma and us girls over the years. He was a hard working man. He would do anything for anyone. He has touched many people over the years. The world has lost a wonderful man.

My grandparents have been our families strength, faith and hope as long as I can remember. You couldn’t ask for a better couple! Grandpa was stern, but loving. Never had to say a word, you just got “the look” We are so proud of him!
And now all of us are thankful that he isn’t suffering any longer and that he has gone on to be with Jesus! Rest in peace grandpa! We love you and will miss you dearly!