Lisa Holmes

Dear kind friends: This morning, I was reading through the list of condolences and realized I should thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve said about Bob and for the encouragement you’ve given the kids and Jane and I. Bob was such a humble person. Neither of us could ever have imagined he was loved and respected by so many. At least a thousand of you came to tell him goodbye. Please don’t feel bad if you didn’t have time to wait. The Lord knows your heart. Flowers and food and blankets and gifts, so many I’m worried I won’t remember everyone that I should be thanked! We’re still reading through all the cards. Thanks to the many, MANY friends that crowded our home and kept us from feeling lonely. Thanks to the ‘angels’ who helped me make the tough decisions and ‘carried’ me through. Speaking of angels, never before have I actually ‘felt’ that others were praying for me. It was almost palpable! In his wildest dreams, Bob would NEVER have imagined he meant so much to so many. He was just as sweet and good as you thought he was. And handsome, too, don’t you think? Lisa