Maria Ingram

I worked with Alex every week for the entire time he was in So. Cal. I met him when he first arrived at a beatiful ocean view spot in Laguna. i was there yesterday and thought of that meeting. On behalf of his friends at Cisco, we are in shock and so sad of his un-timely passing. We are not yet processing the tragedy. I keep telling everyone that whenever we had an issue about an account and Alex was frustrated with me, he would call and leave me a message telling me to call him right away and he was not happy and we had to deal with it.. I would call and I would say “Hi Alex, it’s Maria” He would say “Hey Maria, What’s up” in that way, he he had in saying those words…. I would say, “You’re upset with me and….” He would then say “oh, don’t worry about it.. I’m fine” and we would have a great conversation.. I smile and laugh every time I think about that.. He will be missed by me, personally and our entire Cisco Team..