Mark Ebbeskotte

Some people are simply born with the gift of being able to brighten any room they walk into.
I first met Brett when he was probably 7 or 8 years old and playing little league with his brother Brian, my brother Andrew, the McDougal boys and so many other boys (and a few girls) who grew to be wonderful young adults. Even then, Brett had that infectious grin. I imagine that grin betrayed him a few times when he might have tried to hide some youthful misdeed(s), but I doubt one could stay mad at him for long with that grin of his.
I enjoyed rooting Brett on during those glorious football seasons. Unbeknownst to him and some of his mates, they were always a little more special to me. Dating back to those little league days they had become like adopted little brothers and sisters to me. While our paths only passed occassionally these last dozen years, I could always count on that grin to be on Brett’s face.
My heart goes out to Brett’s entire family and his dearest friends. I pray that the Lord will comfort each of you in your time of need and through his love and grace you will find peace.
With deepest sympathy,