Shari (Dials)Vanderpool

Thank you to all who have given their condolences. It’s always sad to lose someone so dear. I was devistated when my mom called to tell me that my grandma had died that day. I went home, played my gospel music and prayed for comfort. Knowing that she had given her life to the Lord had brought me some of that comfort. Then I remembered the good times, going to Cincinnati every summer to watch the Reds play and going to King’s Island. Papaw would ride the rides with me and Mamaw would be waiting when we finished. Remembering how Mamaw would get into the pool at the hotel with me but never get her hair wet! I loved her homecooked breakfasts and her peanut butter fudge. But I think my most cherished memory of Mamaw is of her dancing to “Crocodile Rock” while I sat on the floor clapping my hands and ready to reset the record so that she would continue dancing. We laughed together, clapped our hands together and for that moment only her and I existed in the world. I am thankful for these memories. I am thankful that my Mamaw had a fulfilling life. I am thankful that God sent her to all of us to teach us about life and forgiveness until he took her back home. It brings me peace to know that we will dance to “Crocodile Rock” again. It comforts my soul to know that she will be waiting for me at the end of this ride as well.