Steve Thornton

My condolences to the loving family and friends of Alex and to the many many other people he touched. Alex’s passing is the unspeakably tragic loss of an incredible young man.
Alex was an active and faithful member of the Menifee USD Tech Plan Development Committee and worked for many months with me to develop the current Menifee USD Technology Plan. He was also an extremely intelligent, honest, hard-working, accessible, and unassuming professional that we counted on regularly.

Alex spoke many times about his girlfriend in Ohio of several years and how he couldn’t wait for her to finish college, join him on the West Coast and begin their life together. Emily finally moved out here some months ago and we were all so happy for both of them.
Just two weeks ago he announced the difficult decision to leave CDW/G for a new employer that offered him a sales management position with a larger territory and an excellent package. Many of my colleagues in the tech biz were as surprised and saddened as I that our relationship with Alex as our reliable CDW/G rep was coming to a close. At the same time we were also very excited for him in his new endeavors.

Alex was an amazing guy and a superb human being. I am among so many others who will miss him greatly.