Tom Adams

Greetings to the Harter Family from Las Vegas, NV.
I’m a first cousin of your mother, Mary. Her mother, Adelia, and my mother, Avis were sisters. It is always sad to hear of another passing of any member of the Plants Family. As time and distance were always a factor I didn’t get to know your mother. However, I was able to visit her 19 years ago on August 19, 1989. My mother, and two of her sisters, Sally and Bernice, with Pete and Butch Plants joined up with the Harter family for a family picnic and pictures at Mary’s house. It was a wonderful experience. I’m so happy that I was able to finally meet Mary. She was a wonderful and dear cousin. I have many fond memories of her parents, Uncle G and Aunt D. For those who may have an interest in home movies I would like to remind you that I have a DVD of the visit to Mary’s house in 1989. It is 18 min. long and there are three other Plants family activities on the same DVD. I will gladly send to anyone a copy of this DVD AT NO CHARGE. Email or call 702-340-8172. My condolences to the family for the passing of a great lady.