Zenaphir Bond

You know they say God does not look at your bank account or your material possessions when your season arrives but what really matters are the lives you touched, encouraged, acts of kindness/concern and love shown..those things are what really counts and why we are really here for one another. How wonderful to have made a difference in every persons life God allowed to cross your path! Mike was all of those things to so many (smile). Mike’s 1st impression was all of the above and more to me in San Antonio, Texas! A good hearted man who truly loved life and lived as such. Shininger Family; Mom, Dad and family, I thank the Lord the Lord allowed me those moments with Mike and my Sister Patty. When I think of Mike, I smile because that is who Mike was to me. He will always be a blessing to so many. My heart is sad because of the hurt that we all feel but Mike still lives in those he touched every day!
May the Lord continue to Bless you and your Family and wrap his arms around you especially during this time in Jesus Name.
Zen Bond, San Antonio Texas